Oireachtas 2016 Results!

9 Top 3 placements
18 Top 5 placementsThree winners
22 Top 10 placements

33 Top 20 placements
18 World Qualifiers– Dublin here we come!
46 Nationals Qualifiers– New Orleans here we come!



  • Lily Morel (Girls U10) WQ, NQ
  • Colleen McCann (Trad Set)



Young dancer in blue dress holding cup2nd

  • Phoebe Morel (Girls U8)
  • Catherine McDaniels (Girls U11) WQ, NQ
  • Mary Kate McCarthy (Girls U19) WQ, NQ
  • Choreography (U12)


  • Katherine Mulhern Malloy (Girls U11) WQ, NQ
  • Ronan Kristufek (Boys U13) WQ, NQ
  • Bridget Stover (Trad Set)


  • Claire Mulhern Malloy (Girls U9) NQ
  • Annie Morel (Girls U12) WQ, NQ
  • Mariana Rogan (Trad Set)
  • Mixed Ceili (U10)Sisters with Sashes


  • Maria Murphy (Girls U14) WQ, NQ
  • Sammy Ausman (Girls U18) WQ, NQ
  • Maria Cline (Girls U19) WQ, NQ
  • Meghan McCarthy (Girls U19) WQ, NQ
  • Girls Ceili (U8)


  • Ashley Luhm (Trad Set)


  • Brendan Colgan (Boys U13) WQ, NQ
  • Annie Wier (Girls U15) WQ, NQYoung dancer in colorful dress, blond hair and big smile.


  • Abby Farrell (Trad Set)


  • Alison Kelly (Girls U19) NQ


  • Griffin Scott (Boys U9) NQ
  • Ronan Koll (Boys U10) NQ


  • Girls Ceili (U12)
  • Girls Ceili (U15)


  • Landyn Perona (Boys U8)
  • Sean Sullivan (Boys U9) NQ
  • Girls Ceili (O15)


  • Molly Ronan (Girls U8)


  • Peter Di Fuccia (Boys U10)
  • Mallory Turner (Girls U11) WQ, NQ


  • Ella Cibinski (Girls U13) WQ, NQ


  • Caroline Sutton (Girls U10) WQ, NQ
  • Maggie Cline (Girls U11) NQ
  • Margaret Benington (Girls U14) NQ
  • Mandy Ausman– (Girls U16) NQ


  • Mae Javois (Girls U16) NQ

Mulhern boys at Oireachtas 2016


21st Shannon Stover– NQ, Tess Clifford-NQ, Kaitlin Ratcliff– NQ, Maria McDonald– NQ; 22nd- Nicole Volpe– NQ; 23rd Elizabeth Salisbury, Clare Koll– NQ, Caroline Mulhern Malloy– NQ; 25thSophia Farrell, Grace Ronan-NQ, Caroline Rogan; 26th Grainne Kristufek –NQ, Tara Ayub-NQ; 27thBridget Mulhern O’Kane– NQ; 28th Madeline Brennan; 30th Aoife Stover– NQ; 31st Rose Love; 33rd Gigi Nelson; 34thCaitlin Langs– NQ; 35th Elizabeth Lind; 36th Claire Cromheecke– NQ; 37th Catherine Cline; 38thKatie Breck; 39th Lauren Anderson– NQ; 40th– Anika Potempa; 42ndCollin Francis; 43rdOlivia Fallon; 45thEvelyn Husband; 48thElizabeth Burns-NQ; 55th Katie Kelly; 60thNora Joy; 62ndKatelyn Turner; 77thIsabel Plumpe

*NQ= Nationals Qualifier

*WQ= Worlds Qualifier

Fox hunt


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Results from Nationals – July 2016

Mulhern School of Irish Dance is very proud of our results from NAIDC 2016!
Congratulations to all our talented and hardworking dancers who competed at Nationals this year!

  • 10 World Qualifiers
  • 7 Top 10 placements
  • 14 Top 20 placements
  • 30 Top 50 placements


National Champions – 1st – U11 Mixed Figure Choreography – “The Fox Hunt”Mixed Figure Choreography TeamWatch the awards video!

2nd Place – Claire Mulhern Malloy – Girls Under 9A
4th Place – Catherine McDaniels (World Qualifier) – Girls Under 11B
8th Place – Maria Cline (World Qualifier) – Ladies Under 19A
                    Mary Kate McCarthy (World Qualifier) – Ladies Under 19B
10th Place – Annie Morel (World Qualifier) – Girls Under 12B
                      Molly Clifford (World Qualifier) – Girls Under 18A
11th Place – Lily Morel (World Qualifier) – Girls Under 10A
                      Katherine Mulhern Malloy – Girls Under 11B
12th Place – 16 and Over Girls Ceili
15th Place – Caroline Mulhern Malloy – Girls Under 13A
16th Place – Maria Murphy – Girls Under 14B
18th Place – Bridget Mulhern O’Kane – Girls Under 13B
                      Megan McCarthy – Ladies Under 19B
21st Place – Cayleigh O’Hare – Girls Under 12A
22nd Place – Phoebe Morel – Girls Under 8
                       Mallory Turner – Girls Under 11A
24th Place – Molly Ronan – Girls Under 8
                       Aoife Stover – Girls Under 9A
26th Place – Caitlin Langs – Girls Under 16A
                      Margaret Benington – Girls Under 14A
27th Place – Caroline Sutton – Girls Under 10B
32nd Place – Kate Wylie – Girls Under 10B
                       Hannah Dutler – Ladies Under 19A
35th Place – Shannon Stover – Girls Under 11A
                      Annie Wier – Girls Under 15B
36th Place – Tess Clifford – Girls Under 15B
37th Place – Catherine Cline – Girls Under 17A
38th Place – Mae Javois – Girls Under 16B
                       Sammy Ausman – Girls Under 18A
55th Place – Mandy Ausman – Girls Under 16A
56th Place – Kaitlin Ratcliff – Girls Under 16A
62nd Place – Tess Nelson – Girls Under 16B
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The Jig is Up – Hinsdale Living Magazine

We are honored to be the cover story of the most recent Hinsdale Living Magazine!

Please visit their website and enjoy the article about our school and our 23 students headed to Worlds in Glasgow this month:

The Jig is Up

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Congratulations 2016 World Qualifiers

Congratulations to the 23 Mulhern School Dancers who qualified for the

Read more…

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Oireachtas 2015 Results

36 Top 10 Awards…18 soloists!
51 Top 20 Awards!!
23 World Qualifiers!! Glasgow here we come!
(CORRECTION – number updated 12/13)
41 National Qualifiers!! Orlando here we come!
Ronan Kristufek

Ronan Kristufek Boys U12 1st Place

1st- Ronan Kristufek- Boys U12, Molly Clifford- Girls U17, Grainne Kristufek – Trad Set, Elizabeth Burns- Trad Set, Roisin Mullan- Trad Set, Annie Wier- Trad Set

2nd- Claire Mulhern Malloy- Girls U8, Lily Morel- Girls U9, Catherine McDaniels- Girls U10, Annie Morel- Girls U11, Maria Murphy- Girls U13, Robert Chapell- Boys U17,  Emma Oman- Trad Set, Girls Ceili U8, Mixed Ceili U8

3rd- Katherine Mulhern Malloy- Girls U10, Mary Kate McCarthy- Girls U18

Aaron Crosby with cup winners

Aaron Crosbie with cup winners

4th- Maria Cline- Girls U18, Alanna Chappel- Girls U19, Emme Miles- Trad Set

5th- Gigi Nelson- Trad Set, Mariana Rogan- Trad Set

6th- Mallory Turner – Girls U10, Brendan Colgan- Boys U12, Mary Grace DiFuccia -Trad Set, Sean Sullivan – Trad Set

7th- Cayleigh O’Hare- Girls U11

8th – Katelyn Dunn- Girls O20, Sabrina Potempa – Trad Set, Girls Ceili U10, Girls Ceili O15

9th – Julia Holton – Trad Set

10th- Kate Wylie – Girls U9, Margaret Benington- Girls U13, Elizabeth Salisbury- Trad Set, Mara Vettori – Trad Set

11th – Sammy Ausman – Girls U17, Alison Kelly- Girls U18

12th- Bridget Mulhern O’Kane- Girls U12, Griffin Scott- Trad Set, Olivia Plumpe- Trad Set

13th- Maggie Cline – Girls U10

15th- Aoife Stover – Girls U8

16th- Caitlin Langs- Girls U15, Hannah Dutler – Girls U18, Callie Langs- Trad Set, Colleen McCann- Trad Set

19th- Mandy Ausman – Girls U15, Claire Cromheecke- Trad Set, Kaitlin Trauscht- Trad Set, Peter DiFuccia- Trad Set

Maeve Clancy – 21st, Nicole Volpe & Ella Cibinski- 22nd, Patrick Beninghton- 23rd, Kaitlin Ratcliff, Lily Jones & Clare Koll- 24th, Gigi Levato, Lauren Anderson, Caroline Sutton & Lauren Panveno- 25th, Maria McDonald- 26th, Mae Javois & Caroline Mulhern Malloy- 27th, Molly Ronan- 28th, Katie Breck- 29th, Mara Hansen- 30th, Grace Ronan- 32nd, Shannon Stover- 34th, Erin Flanders- 35th, Phoebe Morel- 36th, Isabelle Plumpe- 38th, Tess Clifford & Kira Rhyce- 40th, Ashley Pope- 43rd, Natalie Geneser & Nora Joy- 46th, Molly Mullan- 49th, Tess Nelson- 51st, Katie Kelly- 54th, Kate Turner- 56th, Anna Cline- 76th

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Results from Nationals – July 1-5, 2015

Mulhern School of Irish Dance is very proud of our results from NAIDC 2015!!

Ranked 4th in the nation as a school in terms of number of podium placers
– best showing of any school in the Mid-America region!

  • 16 World Qualifiers
  • 7 Top 5 placements
  • 14 Top 10 placements
  • 17 Top 20 placements
  • 33 Top 50 placements (Recalls)


U8 – Clare Mulhern Malloy – 6th, Aiofe Stover- 34th, Molly Ronan- 36th

U9- Lily Morel- 6th, Kate Wylie- 22nd, Caroline Sutton – 34th

U10 – Catherine McDaniels- 2nd, Katherine Mulhern Malloy- 8th, Mallory Turner- 31st

U11- Annie Morel- 4th, Cayleigh O’Hare- 6th

U12- Bridget Mulhern O’Kane – 9th, Caroline Mulhern Malloy – 42nd

U13- Maria Murphy- 3rd, Margaret Benington- 24th

U14- Tess Clifford- 21st

U15- Mandy Ausman– 18th, Kaitlin Ratcliff- 27th, Mae Javois- 30th, Caitlin Langs- 48th

U17- Molly Clifford – 13th, Sammy Ausman- 16th, Maeve Clancy- 21st

U18- Mary Kate McCarthy-4th, Maria Cline-7th, Alison Kelly-42nd,Hannah Dutler-43rd

U19- Alanna Chappel – 5th, Maggie Clifford- 9th



U12- Ronan Kristufek- 2nd

U17- Robert Chappel – 5th



Girls U13 – 26th

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Adjudicators and Musicians Announced

orange crest with crown and title


The Northern Mid-America Championship is pleased to announce the following adjudicators and musicians at our inaugural competition.


Sue Fay Healy, Ottawa, Canada
Jennifer Healy, Ottawa, Canada
Brendan O’Brien, Dublin, Ireland
Finnuala Irwin, Calgary, Western Canada
Lisa Waites, London, England
Marie Moore Cunniffe, Scotch Plains, New Jersey
John Harling, Music Adjudicator, Chicago, IL

Sean O’Brien, Australia/England/Western Canada
Cormac O’Se, Minneapolis, MN
Sean Cleland, Chicago, IL
Kathleen Green, Minneapolis, MN
Thomas Juenemann, St. Paul, MN

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Register for the Northern Mid-America Championship!

orange crest with crown and title

The Mulhern School of Irish Dance is pleased to announce that we will be hosting the Northern Mid-America Championship – and the event is now officially open for registration!


The feis will be held on Sunday, June 21 at:


Hilton Minneapolis
1001 Marquette Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55403


  • The feis is back-to-back (but with different venues – approx. 10 min apart) with Twin Cities Feile that is being held on Saturday, June 20 in St Paul, MN.
  • All Music & Dance competitions held on June 21, 2015 at the Hilton Minneapolis.
  • Cash prizes for Top 3 in Open & Preliminary Championship
  • Sashes for Top 5 in Open & Preliminary Championship & First Feis dancers
  • Brian P. Mulhern Perpetual Dance-Off competition for Top 3 winners of all Open Championship competitions.
  • Harlequin Marley flooring for Open & Preliminary Championship stages
  • Overseas & North American Adjudicators & Musicians
  • All Treble Reel Special proceeds will be donated to Cancer Research in honor of Mulhern School family members, Dee Scott and the late Joey Levato.
  • This feis has paid caps of 250 PC/OC and 500 non-champ competitors. Any entries that are unpaid at the time that the cap is reached will be dropped.
For further information, please see our feis website and follow us on Twitter & Instagram with username  @nmachampionship and find us on Facebook as NMA Championship for the most up-to-date details on the feis!


The hotel rooms are starting to fill up so please be sure to secure a room now. A link for the hotel room block is A copy of the feis syllabus is available on Feisworx, at the feis website and will be posted on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages in the near future.


We hope to see you on June 21st!


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All Scotland Championships 2015 Results

Claire Mulhern Malloy…5th Overall Girls U8 Championship
Katherine Mulhern Malloy…3rd Prelim & 27th Overall Girls U10 Championship
Lauren Anderson…Girls U11
Olivia Fallon…3rd Prelim Girls U13
Natalie Geneser… Girls U13
Caitlin Langs…2nd Prelim Girls U15
Katie Breck…Girls U16
Hannah Dutler…Ladies U18
Maria Cline…  5th place Slipjig Rd & 17th Overall Ladies U18 Championship
Mary Kate McCarthy…6th place Heavy Rd &  Overall Ladies U18 Championship

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Oireachtas 2014 Results

30 Top 10 Awards…22 soloists!!
47 Top 20 Awards!!
20 World Qualifiers!!  Montreal here we come!!
43 National Qualifiers!!  Providence, RI here we come!

three girls with prizes for first, second, third

Top 3 in Girls U8

1st…Robert Chapell- Boys U16.
2nd…Ronan Kristufek- Boys U11, Anna Cline- Trad. Set, Cate McDaniels- Girls U9, Lily Morel- Girls U8
3rd…Claire Mulhern Malloy- Girls U8, Annie Morel- Girls U10, Meghan McCarthy- Girls U17, Ronan Koll- Trad. Set, Figure Choreography The Fox Hunt
4th…Katherine Mulhern Malloy-Girls U9, Alanna Chapell- Ladies U18
5th…Maria Murphy- Girls U12, Mary Kate McCarthy- Girls U17, Katelyn Dunn- Ladies U21
6th…Mariana Rogan-Trad. Set, Girls Ceili U8, Girls Ceili Over 15, Mixed Ceili U12.
8th…Tess Clifford- Girls U13, Kaitlin Ratcliff- Girls U14, Emma Reynolds- Ladies U19, Girls Ceili U12
9th…Kate Wylie- Girls U8, Cayleigh O’Hare- Girls U10, Mae Javois- Girls U14
10th…Molly Clifford- Girls U16, Maggie Clifford- Ladies U18, Alyssa Levato- Ladies U20
11th…Lindsey Gaffney- Girls U14, Evelyn Hemler- Trad. Set, Girls Ceili U10
12th…Mallory Turner- Girls U9
13th…Molly Burke- U9, Maria Cline- Girls U17, Girls Ceili Over 15
15th…Maeve Clancy- Girls U16, Sophia Ciavarelli- Trad.Set
18th…Bridget Mulhern O’Kane- Girls U11, Sammy Ausman- Girls U16, Katheryn Lenz- Girls U17, Molly Ronan- Trad. Set
19th…Maggie Cline- Girls U9

Phoebe Morel- 21st, Mandy Ausman- 25th, Alison Kelly- 26th, Margaret Benington- 28th, Isabelle Plumpe & Emme Miles- 29th, Mara Vettori- 30th, Katie Breck- 34th, Ella Cibinski, Caitlin Langs & Hannah Dutler- 36th, Maria McDonald- 39th, Lily Jones- 43rd, Sarah Thornton- 47th, Ashley Pope- 48th, Maeve Scott- 51st, Clare Koll- 57th, Lauren Anderson- 59th, Kate Turner- 64th

dancer in dress with wig

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