Oireachtas 2014 Results

30 Top 10 Awards…22 soloists!!
47 Top 20 Awards!!
20 World Qualifiers!!  Montreal here we come!!
43 National Qualifiers!!  Providence, RI here we come!

three girls with prizes for first, second, third

Top 3 in Girls U8

1st…Robert Chapell- Boys U16.
2nd…Ronan Kristufek- Boys U11, Anna Cline- Trad. Set, Cate McDaniels- Girls U9, Lily Morel- Girls U8
3rd…Claire Mulhern Malloy- Girls U8, Annie Morel- Girls U10, Meghan McCarthy- Girls U17, Ronan Koll- Trad. Set, Figure Choreography The Fox Hunt
4th…Katherine Mulhern Malloy-Girls U9, Alanna Chapell- Ladies U18
5th…Maria Murphy- Girls U12, Mary Kate McCarthy- Girls U17, Katelyn Dunn- Ladies U21
6th…Mariana Rogan-Trad. Set, Girls Ceili U8, Girls Ceili Over 15, Mixed Ceili U12.
8th…Tess Clifford- Girls U13, Kaitlin Ratcliff- Girls U14, Emma Reynolds- Ladies U19, Girls Ceili U12
9th…Kate Wylie- Girls U8, Cayleigh O’Hare- Girls U10, Mae Javois- Girls U14
10th…Molly Clifford- Girls U16, Maggie Clifford- Ladies U18, Alyssa Levato- Ladies U20
11th…Lindsey Gaffney- Girls U14, Evelyn Hemler- Trad. Set, Girls Ceili U10
12th…Mallory Turner- Girls U9
13th…Molly Burke- U9, Maria Cline- Girls U17, Girls Ceili Over 15
15th…Maeve Clancy- Girls U16, Sophia Ciavarelli- Trad.Set
18th…Bridget Mulhern O’Kane- Girls U11, Sammy Ausman- Girls U16, Katheryn Lenz- Girls U17, Molly Ronan- Trad. Set
19th…Maggie Cline- Girls U9

Phoebe Morel- 21st, Mandy Ausman- 25th, Alison Kelly- 26th, Margaret Benington- 28th, Isabelle Plumpe & Emme Miles- 29th, Mara Vettori- 30th, Katie Breck- 34th, Ella Cibinski, Caitlin Langs & Hannah Dutler- 36th, Maria McDonald- 39th, Lily Jones- 43rd, Sarah Thornton- 47th, Ashley Pope- 48th, Maeve Scott- 51st, Clare Koll- 57th, Lauren Anderson- 59th, Kate Turner- 64th

dancer in dress with wig

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